The art of navigation labelling

One of the things I’ve learned with my recent Pinterest obsession is that like their capacity to create party invitations, everyday people are truly excellent at naming the buckets in which they sort their stuff.

The names people give their Pinterest boards are often really elegant and appropriate. A couple of patterns I’ve seen:

  • Use an imperative or exhortation. So rather than “Casual Fashion”, people use things like “Dress Down!”. Instead of “Winter”, there’s “Keep Me Warm”.

  • Use a phrase pattern across your IA. Rather than “Yves Saint Laurent”, “Dior, etc, people use “I ❤️ YSL,” “I ❤️ Dior”, etc.

We should never underestimate the power of lists and the artful variations they can suggest. Obviously, the most mundane labels are often the best, but sometimes it might make sense to think a bit laterally and take inspiration from these kinds of sources.

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